2009, the financial crisis struck, however, in the face of adversity, CK&K came into being.Adhering to the parent company - KHI and TWK technical advantages and business philosophy, CK&K will lead the domestic engine industry.

By KHI and TWK each capital injection of $2 million 500 thousand, CK&K of the first phase of the plant 6240 square meters.At the end of 2009 the plant completed,January 2010 to complete the installation of equipment, and put into operation at the beginning of the year. Production in 2015 completed a total of 100th units, the annual output value of about 400 million yuan.

  The goal of CK&K is to provide customers with excellent performance, high quality, safe and reliable products.In order to achieve this goal, we will adhere to a high standard to ask ourselves, and strive to enhance the level of corporate profitability, and create a unique corporate culture for CK&K.

  Here, we encourage innovation, and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of customers and the market,at the same time, we take "harmonious coexistence with human beings and the environment" as our duty,to realize the organic combination of enterprise benefit and social benefit.